Good reasons to “Go Solar” at your home…


  • Reduce or Eliminate Your Monthly Electric Bills
    • Insulate your household from inevitable utility company rate increases for the life of your system. 
    • Invest in your own energy independence and help reduce your carbon footprint by producing your own renewable energy.
    • With the spectre of electric cost volatility looming in the future, you will be protected from that uncertainty by an investment in a Solar Electric system today!
  •  Net Metering
    • A New York State mandate to utility companies, which requires utility companies to “buy back” the power you produce at retail price.  Click the link for more information and visit our Benefits page for more detailed information.
  • Increase the value of your home without increasing your property taxes.  See our Financial Incentives page for more information.
  • Get Limited Lifetime Warranty Protection
    • The workmanship of your installation is guaranteed by Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy for the life of the system.  In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your system, we will respond within 24 hours.
    • All component manufacturers warranties honored.
  • Environmental Benefits
    • Most of our electricity is produced by burning coal and natural gas in this area of New York.  Every bit of electricity your system produces helps reduce pollution in the air, water, and soil.
    • We live in Greene County; you can do your part to help keep Greene County green!
    • Be “Environmentally Friendly”.  Join the growing “Greene County Green” network of local citizens,businesses, and organizations.
  • Roof, Ground and Pole Mounted Systems Available.
  • New York State Energy Resource and Development Agency (NYSERDA) Incentive Rebates
    • $1.30 per watt for residential PV systems up to 25kW (25,000 watts).  This works out to a $9,100.00 rebate for a 7kW (average residential sized) system.
    • Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy will take care of all paperwork regarding NYSERDA Incentive Rebates, permits, inspections, commissioning and the interconnection of your system with your utility company . 
  • New York State Tax Credit
    • 25%  New York State Tax Credit (calculated after NYSERDA Incentive Rebates deducted from total sytem price).  Capped at 40% of system cost, or $5,000.00.  This tax credit could be deferrable; please discuss with your accountant.
  • Energy Conservation Improvements Property Tax Exemption
    • Qualifying energy-conservation improvements to homes are exempt from real property taxation to the extent that the addition would increase the value of the home.   The exemption includes general municipal property taxes, school district taxes, and special ad valorem taxes, but does not apply to special assessments.  To claim the exemption, the property owner must submit form RP-487 from the New York State Office of Real Property Services (ORPS) to the city or town assessor.
  • Residential Solar Sales Tax Exemption
  • Federal Tax Credit
    • 30% Federal Tax Credit (calculated after NYSERDA Incentive Rebates deducted from total sytem price).  This tax credit could be deferrable; please discuss with your accountant.
  • A Few Words Regarding the Incentives and Tax Credits

    Please note that these incentive rebates and tax credits listed are conditional, and based upon your unique site, and financial situation.  Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy lists these options as a service to homeowners, but all of these options must be discussed with an accountant.  All of these options can change at any time, and some are time sensitive.  Please discuss these options with a professional accountant.

    Only the NYSERDA Incentive Rebates will be included in your Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy Proposal, as these will be reserved by NYSERDA upon NYSERDA’s acceptance of the Incentive Rebate Application.  Although unusual, NYSERDA can reduce, or refuse to award Incentive Rebates based upon factors including the amount of shading, or array orientation at the site.  Less than optimum site conditions that would result in reductions in NYSERDA Incentive Rebates would be discovered and discussed at the initial Site Assessment, and can often be remedied.

    Be aware that the New York State and Federal Tax Credits deductions are not predetermined.  Not all residents will qualify for these Tax Credits, Please exersize due diligence in discussing all Tax Credits with your accountant. 

  •  The figures below outline a scenario regarding “High Production, “Built to Last” System” pricing.  Consult with your accountant regarding Tax Credits.  The price of your system could be higher or  lower depending on your choice of modules and other components.  Be sure to ask exactly what components will be used when receiving quotes from PV Installers, including mounting components, sealants, and racking. 

  • Financing is available!   No Money Down Options are available:

  • The SunPower Solar Loan is available with Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy as your Authorized SunPower Dealer.

  • FHA Title-One Home Improvement Loans for up to $40,000.00.  With this loan program, interest can be tax deductible, and there are no upfront costs, hidden fees, or prepayment penalties.  Fixed interest rates with no equity required, or appraisal necessary.  Contact us for more information!

Typical 5 kW Shingle Roof Installation using top tier modules, Enphase M-215 Microinverters, QuickMountPV flashed standoffs, Tripolymer roof sealant, and Unirac SolarMount racking:

NYSERDA Rebates and Tax Credits can substantially reduce system costs.

Total System Price: $ 20,000
NYSERDA Rebate: -$ 6,500
“Out of Pocket”  Total: $ 13,500
NYS Tax Credit: -$ 3,375
Federal Tax Credit: -$ 4,050
Total after Incentives and Tax Credits:  $ 6,075