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Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy is based in the beautiful Northern Catskill Mountains of Greene County, New York.  Our home office is located in Lexington, NY, and we service the Catskills Region, the Hudson Valley, and Upstate New York, including Greene and surrounding counties.  We specialize in the design and installation of state of the art Solar Electric Energy Systems, also known as Photovoltaic (PV) Systems.  Always using the most advanced Solar technology and structural components available, we constantly stay updated regarding the latest improvements in equipment, code compliance, and installation and operational practices to be able to serve our clients better.  We are  New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Eligible PV Installers, and NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installers.  Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy is an Authorized SunPower Dealer.

 About the website

We’ve tried to make this website as informative as possible.  There are links interspersed throughout the site that are meant to give you more information, or deeper insight into the subject matter.  We welcome you to contact us with any questions you might have, or also if you have any suggestions regarding how we can make the website better and easier to navigate.  Please visit the “About Solar” page for some informative videos, and don’t forget to visit the “FAQ’s” page.  Be sure to check back often for improvements and additions to the website.

Bringing the Price of Solar Down to Earth!  

 You are making an investment in our planet’s well being, your own long term insulation from the inevitable rise in energy costs, and the future of humankind and other beings that inhabit the Earth when you install a Photovoltaic System. The mission of Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy is to give you a more affordable option for your investment, using high quality components to design and build expertly installed PV systems that will last a long, long time. We do PV because we believe in it’s many benefits, and are not slaves to our profit margins. We want to make a difference in this lifetime, but it won’t happen if we can’t make it affordable to our customers.

Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy uses only top tier equipment, with several pricing and financing options, and will steer you in the right direction when you are making your decisions regarding the substantial investment you will be making in the future of our Planet Earth.  Quality and value, for you, is our main motivation when designing your system, and our competitive pricing will allow you to purchase your PV system more affordably.  We use only the most durable, and efficient components for your PV System to insure it’s longevity and high level of energy production. We’ve done the research, so you can rest assured that your system will be designed and installed to perform up to it’s full potential.  Whether your PV system is roof mounted, ground mounted, or pole mounted, our systems are custom engineered specifically for your location and site. Our unique mounting systems stand apart from those of our competitors, and were chosen for their strength, reliability, and aesthetic attributes.

There has never been a better time to make an investment in a PV System.  This investment could potentially reduce your electric costs to almost zero, and will help to reduce our global dependence on fossil fuels and the environmentally abusive means in which they’re extracted, such as fracking, drilling, and strip mining.  PV Systems have very few moving parts, and require very little in maintenance and upkeep costs.  When you make a one time investment in a PV System, you are investing in your own energy independence, and are guaranteed a rate of return that is not subject to the volatility and uncertainty of most other options in financial investments.  The price of electricity will certainly not decrease in the future, and the sooner you invest in a PV system, the sooner you will be insulated from the inevitible rise in your energy costs, and will be doing your part to help the Planet for now, and the generations to come.

We use only top tier PV modules, inverters, mounting systems, and electrical components, and use equipment manufactured in the United States whenever possible.  Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy can explain to you why the least expensive components are NOT necessarily the best answer.  Cheaper is not always better…you get what you pay for; Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy will provide the best for less than the other companies, and offers a price match guarantee for systems using components of comparable quality.

A few words from the Owner of Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy

Having had a lifelong interest in Photovoltaic technology, several years ago I decided that it was time to for me to begin my foray into the world of Solar Energy by designing and installing a PV system for my own recently purchased home in Lexington, NY.  I learned that a fairly small system could offset almost all of my electric costs.  Through my research I also learned how much potential there is for ordinary citizens to do our part to reduce the amount of pollution that electric generation plants release into the air, water, and soil by both conserving energy, and embracing Renewable Energy options.   All of this set the wheels in motion for me, and I then committed myself to the time and expense necessary to acquire the education and training required to get started in this vocation.

I am a NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Certified Solar PV Installer, which gives my customers the peace of mind in knowing that their installer has the qualifications, knowledge, and experience to competently and professionally design and install their PV System.

As a NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) Eligible PV Installer, I am licensed to install PV systems in New York State, and offer the generous incentives available from NYSERDA to my customers.  All paperwork necessary for NYSERDA Incentive Rebate applications, required permits, inspections, and interconnection agreements with your utility company is covered by Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy, and included in the price of your system.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to introduce you to today’s PV technology, and install your new system.  As a fellow resident of Upstate New York, and your neighbor, I know and appreciate the advantages and benefits of living in our beautiful Catskill Mountains, and the surrounding areas.  Our mission at Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy is to offer more affordable PV systems with better value to you, than our competitors offer.  I’ll do my best to keep your PV system very reasonably priced, and will be offering special pricing and benefits to Catskills and Hudson Valley Region residents, businesses, and municipalities.  We can all do our part to help keep Greene County, the Hudson Valley, and Upstate New York, Green!

Bob Hostetter

NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer # 051112-89
NYSERDA Eligible Installer # PV4562