Residential Shingle Roof Mount

Roof mounted solar electric installations are the most popular and generally the least expensive option to mounting your solar array.  The optimum direction for a roof to be facing is South, with no shading from trees or other buildings.  An East to West facing roof can also be used.  Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy will determine the best spot for your roof mounted solar array during your initial site survey, and discuss the possible options with you.

Metal Roof Mount

Metal roofing is extremely durable, and is an excellent surface on which to mount a photovoltaic array.  A standing seam metal roof is especially well suited, as a special clamping system attaches to the seams, and does not penetrate the roofing material.  “Pro Panel” type roofing also uses dedicated mounting hardware specially designed for that application.

Commercial Flat Roof Mount

Many commercial roofs are flat with EDPM rubber membrane surfaces.  Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy will specify a non-penetrating mounting system for roofs such as these.  The photovoltaic array is mounted on a ballasted (weighted) pan system that will tilt the modules up at an angle to increase energy production.  These systems are engineered to resist wind and shear loads, and will not void your roof’s warranty.

Ground Mount

If a site is unsuitable for a roof mounted solar system, a ground mount is an alternative.  Ground mounts can be constructed with different materials including wood, concrete pilings with galvanized steel pipe, or helical piles, among other options.  Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy will consult with you to help you make your decision regarding the mounting style and materials.

Pole Mount

A pole mounted system is supported by one single galvanized steel pole per array, and is an alternative to a roof or a ground mounted system. This pole mounted array features an optional single axis tracking system manufactured by Zomeworks, which pivots to track the sun sideways across the sky throughout the day.  Tracking systems can add up to 30% more output from your solar array, but add both expense to the installation and moving parts that require periodic maintenance.  All Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy pole mounted systems are adjustable in the up and down positions to compensate for the height of the sun in the sky during different seasons, which also increases your array’s energy production.