Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy Home Office PV System

Click the “Home Office PV System” link above to see how much Solar Energy our system is producing.  This system has been installed using the M-215 microinverters from Enphase Energy ( and Sharp 235 Watt photovoltaic modules.  Each module has it’s own inverter mounted underneath it, meaning that each module will produce full power at all times with no single point of failure in the system. 

These Microinverters also allow the system owner to check online to see exactly how each module in their PV system is performing, and include a wall mounted device to monitor your system data without an internet connection.  A broadband internet connection and wireless router are required to operate this online monitoring system. 

This microinverter system also allows Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy to remotely monitor your system to be sure it’s operating up to it’s full potential at all times. 

Enphase Energy offers a 25 year warranty for these units; in the unlikely event that there is a problem with these microinverters, Enphase Energy will pay the system owner for the cost of the electricity that the microinverter should have been producing during the downtime.  Both the warranty and power payback guaranty are unprecedented in the Solar industry, and are just two of the reasons that Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy recommends these microinverters for many installations.